Me, Myself & I

I'm Daphné BARDEL, 20 yo

Born in Annecy, I studied communication in Lyon. Now, I came up to Paris, intending to get a master's degree in event management and public relations. Perfectionist and ambitious, I love to exchange with others to improve.

I'm doing an internship at a digital agency, named Baltazare.
Also looking for a music label for a work/study program in Paris next year. Feel free to contact me.

  • I like video editing and spend a lot of time watching movies, series, advertisements, cartoons, rap videos and dance videos.
  • I've been practicing hip hop for 7 years in various institute. Mixing sport and art, dance is an universal way to spread energy, emotions and ideas.

I care about environmental issues. Convinced that little acts have big impact: I buy local food, use public transport, avoid wasting, and simply throw waste into green and yellow bins.
I try to follow news from Greenpeace and other media about climate change, nature and environment.

What I do

Main skills & favorite software

Project management

Scheduling, budget management, monitoring of the production. Helped by Excel, MeisterTask, and Slack.

Web Design

UI/UX design on Sketch for apps and responsive websites, using grid system. Animated on InVision.

Web Development

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic concepts of JavaScript.

Social Media

I'm fully comfortable on social media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Behance etc.


Video editing and motion design on After Effects, Premiere Pro and iMovie.


Baseline, catchphrase, blog posts and social media posts. Using keywords and other seo things.


Recent Work