Me, Myself & I

I'm Daphné BARDEL, 20 yo

Born in Annecy, I studied communication in Lyon. Now, I came up to Paris, intending to get a master's degree in event management and public relations. Perfectionist and ambitious, I love to exchange with others to improve.

I'm doing an internship at a digital agency, named Baltazare.
Also looking for a music label for a work/study program in Paris next year. Feel free to contact me.

  • I like video editing and spend a lot of time watching movies, series, advertisements, cartoons, rap videos and dance videos.
  • I've been practicing hip hop for 7 years in various institute. Mixing sport and art, dance is an universal way to spread energy, emotions and ideas.

I care about environmental issues. Convinced that little acts have big impact: I buy local food, use public transport, avoid wasting, and simply throw waste into green and yellow bins.
I try to follow news from Greenpeace and other media about climate change, nature and environment.